Interactive Map of Beaches in St. John, USVI

St John, USVI has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beaches are found within small bays and are surrounded by lush, tropical vegetation and green hillsides. The white sand beaches are located along the North Shore of the island – plus there are some great snorkeling locations all over the island. We have marked some of our favorite beaches below.

St. John Beach Locations

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Caneel Bay Beach is the perfect day trip for a family or group, offering a little something for everyone.Relax in the sand, snorkel, swim, or enjoy a meal at one of the Caneel Bay Resort’s amazing restaurants. The Caneel Bay resort on St. John provides public access to Caneel and Honeymoon beaches only. Access to the other beaches on the Caneel Bay property Scott Beach, Turtle Bay and Caneel Hawksnest is permitted by those arriving by sea. Use of the beach chairs, kayaks, sunfish and paddle boats are reserved for guests of the hotel only.

If you’re looking for some action at the beach, the North Shore’s Cinnamon Bay should be on your list of St John beaches to visit. In addition to the popular snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing, you’ll find windsurfing, volleyball, camping, and more at Cinnamon Bay.

Hop off the ferry from St. Thomas and you’ll find yourself on Cruz Bay Beach. This beach is a wonderful place to sit, relax and enjoy the scenery and the activity of the harbor. It is not, however, a good place for swimming or water sports because of busy boat traffic.

East End/Hansen Bay is located 3.7 miles east of the Moravian Church on Route 10. Vie’s Snack Shop is open Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. The beautiful sand beach across the road from Vie’s is privately owned by and a small admission fee is charged.

Another amazing St John beach, Francis Bay is known for its stretch of white sand and sparkling water. The bay faces west and tends to be calmer than the other north shore beaches. You can access Francis Bay from Route 20 (North Shore Rd). You will continue past Maho Bay where the road turns inland towards the right, from here continue about 1.5 miles where you will come to an intersection with the road that runs along the Leinster Bay shoreline and follow the road where you can park near the beach). Or from Route 10 (Centerline Rd) you will turn left by the Columbo Yogurt stand, go down the hill and turn right and this will take you to the Leinster Bay shoreline road also.

A gorgeous expance of white sand rich in history. Gibney beach is popular with the sunbathers and history buffs alike. It used to be a private beach with no public access but this has changed and you can now access the beach. Gibney is .3 miles from Hawksnest Beach. The entrance to the beach is through the third driveway on your left after passing Hawksnest Beach. Limited parking is available in places where you can pull your vehicle completely off the road. Enter the driveway through the door in the iron gate and walk down the driveway to the shore.

Great Cruz Bay Harbor is where the Westin Resort is located. Day visitors can use the beach, but the facilities such as lounge chairs and beach equipment are for use by Westin guests only. Facilities available to day visitors include water sports rentals, shops, the restaurants and the bar by the pool. To get there: Starting in Cruz Bay take the South Shore Rd (Rt. 104) east 0.9 miles. Turn right at the entrance to the Westin Resort. Park in the hotel parking lot and walk to the beach.

Hawksnest is the popular beach with the locals’ and a great beach for families with children. It is the closest north shore beach that you can drive to from Cruz Bay. The parking area is close to the beach so there isn’t a long walk carrying your beach chairs and coolers. Hawksnest faces east and has lit by morning sun, so if you enjoy a refreshing swim in the early morning light, Hawksnest is an ideal destination. Conversely, Hawksnest gets shade earlier in the afternoon than other beaches.

Klein Bay is pebble beach known for great snorkeling! The beach is located on the south side of the island. To get to Klein Bay start from Cruz Bay and take the South Shore Rd (Rt 104) east 1.6 miles. When the road forks, keep to the right and follow the coastline. Take the first right turn onto Klein Bay Lane. Follow this road and take the second right turn and park at the end of the road, where a short path leads to the beach. Although the access road is private, no attempts have been made to restrict public access to the beach.

Lameshur is an excellent alternative for those wanting calm waters on the days when the surf is rougher on the North side of the island. Lameshur is a longer and more difficult drive than Salt Pond, but unlike Salt Pond, the beach is conveniently located right next to the parking area. To get to Lameshur – At the end of Route 107 traveling south, continue one mile on the dirt road. You can park anywhere along the road in the vicinity of the beach.

Leinster Bay includes Mary Creek on the west and Waterlemon Bay on the east . A small white sand beach is at Waterlemon Bay. Just offshore of the beach is a small island, Waterlemon Cay which offers some of the best snorkeling on St. John. (Be careful of the current on the western side of the Cay.)

Maho is the only beach on St. John’s north shore that you can drive right up to. There is a parking area and then just a short walk across the road to the beautiful sand beach. The waters off Maho Bay are calm and shallow. At the eastern part of the beach there is a trail, called the Goat Trail, which leads to the Maho Bay Campground at Little Maho Bay.

Reef Bay consists of three bays, Genti, at the end of the Reef Bay Trail, Little Reef Bay and Parrot Bay on the west. The best place for swimming in Reef Bay is at the eastern end of Little Reef Bay, near the rocks along the eastern shore (to your left when facing the sea). To get to Reef Bay Beach – Take the South Shore Road (Route 104) to Fish Bay Road and continue to the intersection of Marina Drive and Reef Bay Road; bear left onto Reef Bay Road and go up the hill. Turn left at the top of the hill and proceed about a quarter mile further. You will pull to the side of the road, and park your vehicle. The path to the beach starts at the telephone pole and heads steeply downhill and then levels out as you follow the path through the vegetation to the beach.

Salt Pond is a conveniently-located white sand beach for guests staying in Coral Bay. It is also an excellent alternative for those wanting calm waters on the days when the surf is rougher on the North side of the island. To reach Salt Pond Bay take route 107 heading south for 3.9 miles starting from the Moravian Church in Coral Bay. The quarter mile Salt Pond Bay Trail to the beach begins at the parking area.

If you are staying in Cruz Bay and do not have a jeep rental and do not want to depend on a taxi, and do not mind a mile long hike, then Salomon Beach would be a good option! From Cruz Bay Take the Lind Point Trail, which begins at the National Park Visitors Center in Cruz Bay. From there, it will be a little less than one mile to the beach at Salomon Bay. When you get to the fork in the trail, you can go either way. The lower trail is slightly shorter and less hilly. On the other hand, the upper trail is often better maintained and more scenic.

Often making it onto “top ten” lists when favorite beaches are mentioned, Trunk Bay is a must see during your St John vacation! Sparkling water meets white sand, surrounded by palm trees and gorgeous scenery at Trunk Bay. Competing with the view above the water is the underwater experience -with signs guiding the way, enjoy an amazing afternoon of snorkeling followed by a trip to the snack bar.