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Summerwind is ready!
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10/10/18 – 2:00 pm – We just heard from the owners of Summerwind and the repairs at the villa have been completed and this beautiful home is ready!  This is great news and we are excited!  We do not have new photos yet but the owners have wonderful taste so we know it will be stunning.  The layout is the same but the main living area has all new furniture!  We will be taking photos in November when our photographer is on island and will be adding them to our website!  A big welcome back to Summerwind!!  Call now and make your reservations for this amazing home!

10/5/18 – 9:00 am – If you would like to volunteer when you are on island please contact Marley, she is the Volunteer Relations Coordinator for All Hands and Hearts on St. John.  They are looking for more volunteers to help them out with debris removal and rebuilding homes on St. John.  In the past, they’ve had volunteers who are on vacation and looking to spend a day volunteering their time.  Generally, if you are interested you would have to be at Caneel by 6:15 AM to complete paperwork and get the gear they need for the day. Their work days are 7 AM- 4PM, with 45 minutes for lunch. They have boots, gloves, hard hats and eye protection you can use, as well as the purple shirts for you to wear. Saturdays are half days, so we work 7 AM to 12 PM. We are able to be flexible with these hours, if needed.

If you are interested or if you have any questions please call or email her ( or call/text me at 508-317-2768.
We thank you for your help and support!

10/1/18 – 9:00 am – Can you believe it is October 1st?  Summer went by so fast it seems….and that means the colder weather is upon us and it’s time to start dreaming and planning your winter vacation!  We have some January discounts being offered – check them out!  Or if you want a last minute getaway – we have specials being offered in October, November and the Christmas/New Years holiday!

And just another sign that everything is moving forward on St John.  As of today the ferry service between Red Hook on St Thomas and Cruz Bay on St John is now on its normal schedule.  The last ferry between Red Hook and Cruz Bay is at 12:00 midnight.  The last ferry between Cruz Bay and Red Hook is at 11:00 pm.  This is great news for guests arriving on the 8:30 pm flight in to St Thomas!  The downtown Charlotte Amalie ferry in to Cruz Bay will not be operating.

9/26/18 – 11:00 am – We see Tropical Storm Kirk is in our neck of the woods, or ocean now.  This storm is predicted to go south of us, which is great news.  Invest 98L and Leslie are not near us, so that is good for us on St John.  As each day passes we get further away from our ‘prime time’ for hurricanes to impact our region of the Caribbean.  We will all heave a sigh of relief when hurricane season is over.

9/18/18 – 11:00 am – We were having problems with being able to make changes to our St John Strong page.  We apologize for not posting any updates.  As you probably already know, Isaac went south of us so we were all very relieved.  Watching the news about Hurricane Florence is heart breaking.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the Carolina’s.   It is a relief to see that the Atlantic Ocean has quieted down but we will be keeping an eye on it for sure!  St John Spice has put out their 2018 Fall Restaurant Schedule.  It’s a great resource if you are traveling to St John within in the next couple of months!

9/10/18 – 9:00 am – This hurricane season is turning out to be a busy one in the Atlantic.  We are keeping a close eye on all the hurricanes and tropical storms that are currently active.  A great information resource is    At the top of the page they have a heading Severe Weather, you will want to click into Hurricanes and Tropical Cyclones.  This area on the site will include any active storms in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  Here you can find out the coordinates for each storm, the wind speed and the direction the storm is heading.  I always like looking at the Tracking Map as it shows a projection as to where the storm is heading.  This projection is no guarantee as things can change but it gives you a good idea as to what is happening with the storm.   Currently, we are watching Hurricane Isaac and it is moving due west and as long as it stays on this course, the hurricane will go under the USVI.   For your information – The longitude and latitude for St John is 18.33′ North and 64.78′ West.

9/6/18 – 10:00 am – A year ago today the island of St John changed forever.  One cannot go through an experience of two category five hurricanes and not be changed.  From utter devastation, came hope as people pulled together to begin the cleanup of our beautiful island and the rebuilding of individual lives.  When one looks at the photos taken after the storms, it is almost hard to believe how amazingly the island has recovered.  Is there still work to be done, yes, but as so many people have said, “she is bruised and battered but she is still beautiful”.  As with everything in life, it ebbs and flows but the beauty from within will always shine through.  The island residents and all those that love our beautiful piece of heaven will always be there, shining through.  We give thanks to all those that love St John.  We value you and appreciate all you have done for us, and the island we love so much.