St. John Villas & Condos

We’ve Spruced Up and Fixed Up!

Friends of St. John, Every cloud has a silver lining, and the storm clouds of 2017 brought significant improvements and renewal to almost all of our rental properties in 2018, and most are now available for rentals.  All of our properties’ website pages are being updated with fresh photos and a summary of the 2018 changes and improvements.
Listed below are the villas and condos that are still undergoing renovations and our best guess as to when they’ll be ready for rentals.

Property NameLocationStatus
Cinnamon RidgeCinnamon BayUnder complete renovation – TBD
CocoloboReef BayMajor remodel until Fall or Winter 2019
Cruz Views Condo Unit 2Cruz BayUnder renovation – TBD
Gull CottageGreat Cruz BayA complete rebuild until late 2019
HawksbillGreat Cruz BayMajor renovation until Summer or Fall 2019
JasmineGreat Cruz BayMajor renovation until Summer or Fall 2019
KaloramaVirgin Grand EstatesUnder renovation until Winter 2019
Mermaid FallsUpper Peter BayUnder complete renovation – TBD
Ocean PearlGreat Cruz BayVilla is not available – TBD
OleanderKlein BayComplete remodel – TBD
One Particular HarbourCoral BayUnder renovation until Summer 2019
Over the RainbowReef BayUnder renovation until Summer 2019
Palm VillaGift HillUnder renovation until Spring 2019
PeriwinkleGreat Cruz BayMajor renovation until Summer or Fall 2019
RosebayGreat Cruz BayUnder complete renovation until Winter or Spring 2019
Sea BiscuitCoral BayUnder renovation until Spring 2019
TerrahawkHawksnestFinishing repairs until Winter 2019