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Fantastic Hiking Trails

Always notify friends where and when you will return. Don’t hike alone and be sure to take a map with you. Allow ample time for rest stops and water breaks. Remember, this is a tropical island. Don’t become dehydrated – bring plenty of water to drink. Drinkable water is NOT available on the trails.

Always stay on the trails and do not cross Private Property lines. Wear comfortable shoes, never sandals. Wear loose fitting, breathable clothing. Bring a hat, sunscreen, and a watch.

Full descriptions of trails are available at the State Park Visitor’s Desk. Always check with the State Park to get the latest trail condition report. Depending on the season, some trails could be dangerous to travel.

North Shore Trails

Mangrove forest and shallow reef flats with plenty of wildlife sighting opportunities. Self-guiding walking tour of Annaberg Sugar Mill Ruins up the hill from picnic area. Scenic overlook.

A historic and nature loop trail that passes through old sugar factory sites and tropical trees. Trail begins east of of the entrance road into Cinnamon Bay Campground.

One of the most popular trails on St. John. Connects National Park Visitor Center at Cruz Bay with Honeymoon Beach at Caneel. Trail climb to scenic Lind Point overlook (elev. 160 ft.) Small trail also to Salomon Beach. Cactus scrub environment.

Joins Cruz Bay village with Northshore Road entrance to Caneel Bay. A 0.8 mile climb from Cruz Bay leads to scenic overlook atop Caneel Hill (elev. 719 ft.) Trail continues uphill (elev. 848 ft.) then descends to Northshore Road through forest.

Starts from Lind Point trail. Crosses Northshore Road at a point overlooking Cruz Bay and Caneel Bay.

Forest trail between Centerline Road and the Northshore Road. Trail joins the Caneel Hill trail at certain points.

Trail begins at north end of Caneel Bay Plantation. Enter property through main gate. Register at the front desk.

Starting about 80 yards east of the entrance road into the Campground, the forested trail goes up hill to meet with Centerline Road.

Follow the old Danish Road eastward along the seashore from the Annaberg picnic site to Waterlemon Bay. Good boat anchorage and swimming. Snorkeling is excellent around Waterlemon Cay.

South Shore Trails

Rocky Trail begins at the south end of Salt Pond Bay Beach. Switchbacks up a hillside to crest 200 feet above the Caribbean Sea. Magnificent scenery. Dangerous footing areas. –

This descending trail begins 4.9 miles east of Cruz Bay on Centerline Road. Visible remains of four sugar plantations. Picnic site and toilets by Reef Bay sugar mill, close to the beach. Remember, there are no lifeguards. National Park Service give Guided hikes regularly.

Trail starts 1.5 miles down the Reef Bay trail. Rock carvings attributed to early Indians.

Trail connects Lameshur Bay and Reef Bay trail. Dry open and forest hiking. 1.2 miles from the Reef Bay junction a spur trail leads 0.3 mile to a salt pond and the coral beach at Europa.

Trail leads from Little Lameshur Bay Road (near beach) through scrub vegetation to isolated private coves.

Steep trail connecting shady Bordeaux Mountain Road with Lameshur Bay 1,000 feet below.

Evaporated, crystallized Salt Pond. Trail begins at the parking area 3.9 miles south of Coral Bay. Trail leads down to Salt Pond Beach and picnic area and cactus area. Swimming and snorkeling. Toilet.

For shelling. Start at the south end of Salt Pond Bay Beach. Turn to the east on Drunk Bay trail along the north side. Dangerous Swimming area.