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Jeep Rentals | St John

Do I need to rent a vehicle?
If you are staying in a villa you will want to rent a vehicle while you are on island and you definitely need a jeep. Even if you’re renting a condominium, being on St John without a jeep is kind of like being in Yellowstone without a car; you’re there, but you’ll miss many of the best features of the National Park.

Do I need 4 wheel drive?
Yes, for 2 reasons. First, some island roads are rough, and 4 wheel drive greatly enhances driving ability. Second, St John has some very steep hills plus concrete roads that get very slippery when it rains. You will definitely appreciate the added traction and safety of 4 wheel drive should you get caught driving in a cloudburst. We recommend that you always request a vehicle with 4 wheel drive.

Does it matter who I rent my jeep from?
There are many jeep rental companies on St John and all are locally owned. Some are well run companies with newer, reliable vehicles and some are not. If you do not know the local business reputation of these companies, we suggest that you let us help you in booking your jeep. We place a lot of jeep rentals with a few carefully selected companies and they are very responsive to the needs of our guests.

Is there any additional charge when Caribbean Villas books my jeep?
No, we do not charge you for handling your jeep reservation. You’re our guest and we want you to spend your time relaxing and enjoying yourself rather than messing around with a disagreeable jeep.

Types of Vehicles available for Rent on St. John.

1. 4 Dr. Jeep Wrangler A 4 door hardtop for 5 passenger, with automatic transmission and 3.6-3.8 liter engine with 202 h.p. The Wrangler is today’s version of the original WWII military jeep. The Wrangler is much more comfortable to drive than its rough and tumble predecessor and it’s a lot of fun on St John’s twisting roads.
2. 4 Dr. Jeep Liberty A 4 door, 5 passenger wagon, with automatic transmission and 3.7 liter engine with 210 h.p. This is the very popular Jeep wagon that can be spotted in any suburb in the US. The Liberty delivers a lot more comfort than a Sidekick, and is our favorite vehicle for banging around St John.
3. 4 Dr. Ford Escape A 4 door, 5 passenger wagon, with automatic transmission. This is the very popular wagon that can be spotted in any suburb in the US. The Ford Escape delivers a lot of comfort and is another one of our favorites for banging around St John.
Rates for Rental Jeeps 
Weekly Rates Daily Weekly Rates Daily
Vehicle 12/1-4/19 Rates 4/19-12/1 Rates
1 4 DR. Wrangler $510 $85 $480 $80
2 4 Dr. Liberty $510 $85 $480 $80
3 4 Dr. Ford Escape $510 $85 $480 $80